Intellectual Humility: The Jewish And Muslim Traditions Videos

At this mini-conference, three internationally known scholars of the Jewish and Muslim traditions of thought presented papers on intellectual humility in those traditions. Howard Wettstein (University of California/Riverside), David Shatz (Yeshiva University), and Jon McGinnis (University of Missouri/St.Louis) help us see how thinkers in these traditions understood the nature and value of humility.


It's Hard to be Humble: Intellectual Humility and Perfection in Medieval Islam
 Jon McGinnis

Is Humility Always a Virtue? Reflections on Its Role in Jewish Theology and Law
 David Shatz

Awed by the Project
Introduction omitted due to audio issue
 Howard Wettstein

Panel Discussion, Introduction by Barbara Wettstein
 Jon McGinnis, David Shatz, Barbara Wettstein, and Howard Wettstein

Mind-Reading And Joint Attention: Autism, Infant Development, and Adult Intersubjectivity

At this mini-conference, three internationally known psychologists and philosophers presented papers on human intersubjectivity and mind-reading in typically developing infants, children with autism spectrum disorder, and fully functional adults.


Intellectual Humility and Jointness: A View from Autism
 Peter hobson

Joint Attention and the Second Person
 Naomi Eilan

Attraction, Response and Feeling Other Minds
 Vasudevi Reddy