Godehard Brüntrup, SJ

Godehard Brüntrup, SJ

Dr. Br√ľntrup works in the philosophy of mind and the philosophy of religion.

On the Importance of Intellectual Humility in Becoming a Person

The proposed project as a whole aims at an integrated model of human growth and the actualization of the self. It builds on insights from process philosophy and recent research in psychology. One of its key motivations is the idea that recent approaches to humility fail to account for certain of its essential features. In contrast to this, our project argues that a more complete concept of humility can be shown to play an important role for the the understanding of human growth and self-realization.

The project is divided into two main phases: Within the first philosophical phase, it will develop a theory of humility as a regulative meta-virtue for our dynamic model of human life and growth. Within the second interdisciplinary phase, it will argue for a concept of humility that is integrated into recent psychological and philosophical accounts of human motivation.

The project encompasses advanced research both within the philosophy of mind and action as core-area as well as within empirical psychology and to some extent philosophy of religion.