Principal Investigators

Dr. John Greco

Dr. Eleonore Stump

Research Fellow

Dr. Ian Church

Graduate Assistants

James McCollum
Jonathan Reibsamen

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Saint Louis University has received a generous grant from the John Templeton Foundation to explore the subject of intellectual humility. The Templeton Foundation will contribute over $2.7 million to the project, with contributions by SLU bringing the total grant to over $3 million.

The Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility project is being led by John Greco and Eleonore Stump.

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Research Grants

$1.5 million was awarded to outstanding research projects.

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Visiting Scholars

Visiting Scholars will come to participate in the project's research activities

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Research Clusters

A number of institutions were given awards to develop seminars, conferences, and reading groups to explore intellectual humility.

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