With the support of a generous grant from the Templeton Foundation, the Philosophy and Theology of Intellectual Humility project at Saint Louis University has awarded nineteen research grants to individuals or teams for work on various subjects related to intellectual humility. These projects will further the philosophical and theological understanding of intellectual humility.

Intellectual Deference as a Key Component of Intellectual Humility
Caleb Cohoe
The Virtues of Epistemic Relationality
Katherine Dormandy
Intellectual Humility, the Impostor Phenomenon, and Educating for Wisdom
Kent Dunnington
Oneself and Others: the Dependence Thesis
Naomi Eilan
Johannes Roessler
Guy Longworth
Epistemic Normativity
Catherine Elgin
Being Informed: The Social Basis of Testimonial Warrant
Peter Graham
Schleiermacher's Thought in Motion: Epistemic Humility and the Truth of Doctrine
Christine Helmer
Intellectual Humility, Suitable Modulational Control, and Peers
David Henderson
Intellectual Humility and the Limits of Conceptual Representation
Thomas Hofweber
On the Importance of Intellectual Humility in Becoming a Person
Ludwig Jaskolla
Godehard Brüntrup
Intellectual Humility, Dogmatism and Disagreement
Thomas Kelly
Aspects of Intellectual Humility
Jonathan Kvanvig
The New Testament and Intellectual Humility
Grant Macaskill
Intellectual Humility, Moral Deference and Moral Expertise
Sarah McGrath
Virtue Epistemology, Epistemic Dependence and Epistemic Humility
Duncan Pritchard
Jesper Kallestrup
Emotional Openness: The Route to Intellectual Humility?
Vasudevi Reddy
Intellectual Humility and Deep Time
John Schellenberg
Responsible Character and Reliable Competence: the Unity of Virtue Epistemology
Ernest Sosa
Fundamental Practices for Intellectual Formation: Exploring Avenues for Developing the Habit of Humility
Kevin Timpe
Rebecca DeYoung
James Van Slyke