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Thinking about Intellectual Humility
Humility is the virtuous mean between something like arrogance, on the one hand, and self–deprecation or diffidence, on the other. The humble person, to put it roughly, doesn’t value herself too much (arrogance) nor does she value herself too little (diffidence or self–deprecation). Instead, she thinks of herself as she should–valuing herself, her status amongst her peers, her abilities as she ought.
Swinburne Conference at Purdue University
Recently I had the privilege of attending the conference “Faith and Reason: Themes from Swinburne,” which was held at Purdue University from September 25-27, 2014 to commemorate the 80th birthday of Richard Swinburne, one of the most prominent philosophers of religion of the last century.


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Homework for Thursday.

 09 Jun 2015

It’s short, and it’s 3.1 (11-29)